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Welcome To The Aromaverse 

"The universe as you know it is filled with cosmic vibes. They travel through space and time sending out deep subspace transmissions that travel millions and millions of miles just to surround us with good vibrations. These vibrations sometimes set in motion a chain of events that may seem like the end of the world but they end up sparking an idea. All of a sudden the path you thought you were going to walk leads you to another and that very idea goes from dream to reality." - Patrice, CEO

Welcome To Cosmaí!

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Welcome to Cosmaí Aromatics, your new number one source for handcrafted bath products and incense. Established in late Aug of 2021 by Patice, Cosmaí Aromatics is a female lead, family-owned, black-owned business located in Illinois. The name Cosmaí, which means "cosmic" in Irish comes from the founder's Nigerian and Irish heritage and we are proud to offer great quality handcrafted soaps, bath teas, incense, body washes, etc, that are filled with good cosmic energy and amazing scents. 

We are a small home-based company that makes everything in small batches, and sources ingredients that are made in the USA. We may be new and we may be small but we have big plans for more products to come in 2022 as we will also continue to support our local artisan community by doing fairs and craft shows.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Welcome to the aromaverse and thank you for traveling the cosmos with us. 

Over and out,
Cosmaí Aromatics

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